Dr. Kia

Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond, PhD, (she/her) is a leader in the worlds of youth development, education, well-being, and social justice research with decades of work across communities, nonprofits, universities, K-12 schools, think tanks, and foundations. Dr. Darling-Hammond’s mission is to help people and organizations design beyond survival or resilience in order to increase possibilities for thriving among those who experience complex marginalization. Through her scholarship, Dr. Darling-Hammond has developed an intersectional Bridge to Thriving Framework© (BtTF©), which she uses with stakeholders to advance the shared project of universal thriving.

Dr. Darling-Hammond speaks widely, has published in academic and popular press, and mentors an ever-growing community of students and professionals nationwide. You can follow her on Twitter (@drkiadh) or LinkedIn (@kiadarling).